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Investment Opportunities

The Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust (“Fund”) is a real estate investment that specializes in residential income properties, including apartment rentals and student housing in Canada. Investors in the Fund receive the yield from the rental income and participate in the profits from the underlying properties.

About the investment: 
The Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust provides investors with stable, reliable, tax-advantaged quarterly distributions and capital growth opportunity. The Fund’s targeted annual return of 7% to 10% is comprised of 5% annual distribution, paid quarterly, and capital appreciation of the unit price between 2% to 5%, driven by both asset and equity appreciation of the rental properties.

About Equiton Partners:
Equiton Partners is led by a team of real estate industry professionals, who have more than 100 years of combined years of real estate, investing and management experience. Collectively, they have overseen the acquisition and management of over $1 billion in real estate throughout their careers as well as managed more than 10,000 apartments in Canada and United States.

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