Kontrol Energy Corporation

Investment Opportunities

Kontrol Energy 8% Debenture with Upside Participation

The Kontrol Energy Offering is a unique opportunity for eligible investors to benefit from the stability and security of an 8% debenture with upside participation. Kontrol Energy is a green and socially responsible alternative to traditional energy and real estate funds in the exempt market.

Through the acquisitions of successful, cash flow positive and profitable businesses in the energy efficiency sector, Kontrol Energy seeks to provide investors with stable income and growth over a 3-year investment term.

The highly experienced management team has an accomplished track record of acquisitions and operational excellence. Management’s philosophy is to provide market leadership in governance, ongoing reporting, transparency and risk-adjusted returns.

About Kontrol Energy
Kontrol Energy is a public reporting issuer on the Canadian Securities Exchange and is a leader in the energy efficiency sector.

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