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ICM (IX) Real Estate Trust

The ICM (IX) Real Estate Trust is a cash flow producing investment trust providing qualified investors an opportunity to invest in a portfolio of commercial properties that seeks to capitalize on investment opportunities primarily in the United States commercial real estate market. 

About the investment:
The ICM (IX) Real Estate Trust provides investors tax-advantaged quarterly distributions and capital growth from investing in commercial real estate with an initial target of 5% per annum, growing to 6% per annum after June 30, 2017. Before management can start participating in the profits of the Trust, they must first meet a hurdle rate of 8% per annum. The Trust is registered plan eligible (RRSP, TFSA, LIRA etc.) and has a U.S. dollar investment option (allowing for optional U.S. tax filing). There is a targeted 5 to 6 year hold period but an early redemption option is available as well as a distribution reinvestment (DRIP) option as well.
Founded in 2003, the company has grown to $500 million of assets under management. ICM has returned to investors an average IRR on past projects of greater than 15% and has a history of no investor losses on past projects.

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